CDM Executive Board Launches Call for Public Inputs on Small-Scale Methodology

15 April 2011: At its 60th meeting, the Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) approved the new small-scale methodology “low greenhouse gas emitting water purification systems” and agreed to launch a call for public inputs to explore opportunities to further expand the usability of this methodology.

The public inputs received will be considered by the Small Scale Working Group at its 32nd meeting, to be held in June 2011, with the aim of formulating a recommendation to the Board at that or a future meeting. The call is open from 15 April to 16 May 2011, and specific issues to be covered in the inputs include, but are not limited to: appropriateness of the maximum volume of purified water per person per day set at 5.5 liters in equation 1 of the methodology taking into account the baseline defined in the methodology, that is, use of fossil fuel or non-renewable biomass for boiling water; and appropriateness of the threshold proportion of rural population using an improved drinking source specified in paragraph 4 of this methodology. [Call for Public Inputs]