CDM Executive Board Calls for Inputs

5 March 2012: The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Executive Board has launched five calls for public inputs on various matters. The calls were launched following the 66th meeting of the Board, during which it agreed to seek public inputs on specific issues relating to the operation of the CDM.

The first is a call for input on draft best practices examples, focusing on sample size and reliability calculations. The second call is for input on the draft revised methodology titled “Demand-side energy efficiency activities for specific technologies.” The third call is for public input on the draft new methodology titled “Energy efficiency and/or energy supply projects in commercial buildings.” The fourth is a call for input on the definition of “special underdeveloped zones,” including options to simplify the definition, taking into account the availability of data at the regional and provincial levels within a host country. The final call is for public input on the draft methodological tool titled “Upstream leakage emissions associated with fossil fuel use.”

All of the calls are open until 5 April 2012. [Calls for Public Inputs]