CDM Executive Board Calls for Input on Draft Sampling Standard

UNFCCC7 October 2011: The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Executive Board has launched a call for input on a new section of the draft standard for sampling and surveys for CDM project activities and programme of activities.

At its 63rd meeting, the Board considered the draft standard, which aims to provide clarity on the application of statistical approaches, sampling and survey schemes in methodologies and projects. It requested the Secretariat to account for the inputs received at the meeting while re-structuring the draft document, including a separate section regarding sampling for validation by designated operational entities (DOEs).

DOEs and project participants (PPs) are invited to provide input on issues related to sampling and approaches that a DOE might take while validating a CDM project or programme of activities. The Board further noted that the Secretariat may organize a teleconference to collect feedback from stakeholders, including representatives from DOEs and PPs. The call is open from 7-17 October 2011, and the Board will consider the new draft, together with the inputs received, at its 65th meeting. [Call for Input on Sampling Standard]