CDM Executive Board Agrees to Launch CDM Policy Dialogue

UNFCCC29 September 2011: The report of the 63rd meeting of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Executive Board is now available. Back-to-back with the 63rd meeting, the Board also held its annual strategy retreat and among other things, agreed to launch a policy dialogue to review past CDM experience and help ensure the readiness and positioning of the CDM to meet the challenges of the post-2012 period.

During the meeting, which was held from 25-29 September 2011, in Quito, Ecuador, the Board also adopted three standards relating to the CDM programme of activities (PoA) as follows: the “Standard for demonstration of additionality of GHG emission reductions achieved by a programme of activities;” the “Standard for the development of eligibility criteria for the inclusion of a project activity as a CDM programme activity (CPA) under a PoA;” and the “Standard for application of multiple CDM methodologies for a programme of activities.” It requested the Secretariat to consolidate the three standards into one PoA standard and to prepare a work programme for the implementation of the consolidated PoA standard for consideration by the Board not later than at its 65th meeting.

In addition, the Board also considered matters relating to: the CDM management plan; the various CDM panels and working groups; small-scale and large-scale project activities; afforestation and reforestation project activities; and relations with forums and other stakeholders. [Publication: Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism Sixty-third Meeting Report]