CDM EB Launches Four Calls for Experts

UNFCCC16 December 2009: During its 51st meeting, held from 30 November-4 December 2009, in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Executive Board (EB) of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) agreed to launch a call for experts in order to replace outgoing members of the Methodologies Panel, the Afforestation and Reforestation (A/R) Working Group, the Small Scale (SSC) Working Group and the Accreditation Panel.

The decision was taken with a view to preparing a shortlist of experts for consideration by the EB at its 53rd meeting. The call opens on 16 December 2009 and ends on 26 February 2010. [Methodologies Panel Call][A/R Working Group Call][SSC Working Group Call][Accreditation Panel Call]