CCAFS Moves towards Demand-Driven Research Approach

CCAFS5 April 2014: The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) has embarked on an internal transformation process, which will move it towards a demand-driven, research for development approach.

The CCAFS Program, as well as other CGIAR Challenge Programmes, is developing impact pathways and theories of change to guide programming across projects and regions.

The process was facilitated through a workshop held in Segovia, Spain from 1-5 April 2014, which brought together a newly established Working Group on Impact Pathways and Monitoring and Evaluation. This training workshop led participants to work on programme and regional theories of change and accompanying impact pathways, while finding concrete ways to monitor and evaluate project activities.

This internal institutional transformation is happening across the range of CGIAR Challenge Programmes. The workshop has been accompanied by the development of a CCAFS learning brief on theories of change. [CCAFS Workshop on Theories of Change, Impact Pathways and Monitoring and Evaluation] [Publication: Lessons in Theory of Change: Experiences from CCAFS] [CCAFS Blog on Theories of Change] [CCAFS Impact Pathways Overview]