CBD Technical Study Addresses Links Between Biodiversity and Development

October 2010: Recently launched as CBD Technical Series No. 54 and entitled “Interdependence of Biodiversity and Development under Global Change,” this report presents an analysis of the systemic character of global change, biodiversity and human development, and the relationships between them, describing and evaluating the complicated relationships and dynamics between human and biological systems.

Edited by P.L. Ibisch, A. Vega E. and T.M. Herrmann, the publication includes a technical section, an introduction to issues related to the interdependence of biodiversity and development under global change, and a proposal for a “radical” ecosystem approach for mutual mainstreaming of biodiversity conservation and human development. Background papers address: global patterns and case studies on the interlinkages of biodiversity and human development; biocultural diversity and development under local and global change, including issues related to endogenous development, traditional knowledge and benefit-sharing, and indigenous peoples' conserved areas; and theoretical background papers presenting, among others, an alternative conceptual framework for sustainability based on systemics and thermodynamics. [The publication]