CBD Outlines Climate-Related Activities in Quarterly Report

18 August 2008: The Secretariat of the Convention on

Biological Diversity (CBD) has published a joint-quarterly report on the

administration of the Convention, which contains a summary of key activities

implementing the decisions of the Conference of the Parties and other relevant

matters from 1 January-31 March and from 1 April-30 June 2008.

With regard to

biodiversity and climate change, the activities of the CBD Secretariat include:

the preparation of background documents on the enhanced integration of climate

change impact and response activities within the programmes of work of the

Convention, for consideration by the CBD's Subsidiary Body on Scientific,

Technical and Technological Advice; participation in a number of relevant

workshops on enhancing the integration of climate change considerations within

implementation of the Convention, as well as in the steering committee meeting

for the third World Climate Conference to be convened by the World

Meteorological Organization in August or September 2009; preparations for the

upcoming meeting of the Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on biodiversity and

climate change; organization of two side events on the margins of the 28th

Subsidiary Body Meetings of the UNFCCC, one on adaptation, biodiversity and

climate change and another on co-benefits from reducing emissions from

deforestation and forest degradation, and distribution of a statement

highlighting the results of the ninth Conference of the Parties to the CBD; and

participation in a joint staff meeting with staff members and the Executive

Secretaries from the UNFCCC, CBD and UN Convention to Combat Desertification

(UNCCD) on the margins of COP 9. [The report]