CBD Bulletin Reports on Forest and Climate Change Workshop

© CBD5 October 2009: The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has published its Monthly Bulletin of Activities, which includes, among other issues, a report on the sub-regional capacity-building workshop on forest biodiversity and climate change for South and South-East Asia, held from 2-5 September 2009, in Singapore City.

The workshop was co-organized by the CBD and the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF) Secretariats, and aimed to strengthen coordination and collaboration among the national focal points of UNFF, CBD and UNFCCC and country-designated experts, and to strengthen their capacity on the contribution of conservation and sustainable use of forest biodiversity to climate mitigation and adaptation measures. The workshop heard country updates on implementation of international commitments related to forest biodiversity and climate change, and discussed forest-related results of the CBD Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Biodiversity and Climate Change, and forest biodiversity aspects of climate change mitigation and adaptation. [The Monthly Bulletin]