CBD: Brazilian State of Parana Offsets Carbon Emissions of the CBD’s Secretariat Operations

State of Parana Delivers on Its Commitment to Offset Carbon Emissions of the Operations of the CBD Secretariat 1 August 2008: The Secretariat of the Convention on

Biological Diversity (CBD) has announced, in a notification, that the state

government of Parana in Brazil has delivered on its commitment to offset all

carbon emissions arising out of the CBD Secretariat's operations between the

ninth and the tenth Conference of the Parties (COP), including the travel of

funded party representatives to attend official CBD meetings, estimated at

around 10,200 tons of carbon equivalent.

The commitment was made at the CBD COP 9 in Bonn, Germany,

in a memorandum of cooperation signed on 27 May 2008. Since the signing, the

agents of the State of Parana's Environment Office have supervised the planting

of 57 000 tree saplings and have already surpassed the proposed tree planting goals.

The initiative is part of a larger project called Riparian Reforestation

Programme, led by the Parana state government, which has already planted over

80 million seedlings of endemic and locally occurring trees. The reforestation programme supports the

restoration of ecosystems associated with the original Atlantic Rain Forest,

protects river borders from erosion, and creates a buffer zone for the

protected areas around Foz de Iguacu National Park. CBD Executive Secretary,

Ahmed Djoghlaf, underlined the leadership by Brazil and Governor Requião

towards the implementation of the three objectives of the Convention, and noted

its contribution to the UN carbon-neutral initiative. The CBD's efforts to

reduce its carbon footprint are part of a wider strategy to green its

operations, which was presented at COP 9 and includes raising awareness with

staff and partners, and reducing waste in all meetings. [CBD Notification, 1 August 2008]