CBD’S Ahmed Djoghlaf Underlines Link between Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change and Food Security



June 2008: In a message to the High-Level Conference on World Food Security

(3-5 June 2008, Rome, Italy), Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the

Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), underlined the current loss of

agricultural and livestock biodiversity, which he said is further increased by

climate change.


drew attention to the CBD programmes of work on agricultural biodiversity, and

climate change and biodiversity, as well as the cross-cutting initiative on

food and nutrition. He said that the “current food crisis is an example of what

lays ahead if we continue to allow the loss of diversity in agricultural seeds

despite predicted global changes in growing conditions. Dramatic rises in crop

prices could well become a symptom of the unprecedented loss of agricultural

biodiversity and certainly a reflection of its far-reaching impacts on

mankind.” Highlighting the link between conserving biodiversity and addressing

climate change, hunger, poverty reduction and food security, he drew attention

to a CBD COP 9 decision on biofuels, which called for governments to develop

sound policy frameworks and to promote the positive and minimize the negative

impacts of biofuels on biodiversity that would affect socioeconomic conditions

and food and energy security. [Statement]


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