Caribbean States’ Vulnerability to Climate Change Stressed at UN Press Conference

Association of Caribbean States 23 October 2008: At a press conference at UN Headquarters in

New York, US, representatives of the Association of Caribbean States said

countries of the Caribbean region were headed for “hard and difficult times”

unless they took action on climate change, with the cooperation and support of

the international community.

The Association's delegation underlined the

region's dependence on tourism and fisheries industries, which are highly

vulnerable to global warming and extreme weather events. The Association had

been meeting during the week to raise awareness among UN member States of

resolutions it plans to introduce in the General Assembly's Second Committee

(Economic and Financial), including one seeking to have the Caribbean Sea area

designated as a special area within the context of sustainable development.

John Agard, one of the scientists on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate

Change, stated that the Caribbean was already experiencing the impacts of

climate change, with more frequent and severe extreme weather events. [UN

Press Conference]