CAF Supports Brazil’s Disaster Early Warning System

22 February 2012: The Latin American Development Bank (CAF) has signed a framework cooperation agreement with Brazil's Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) to support the development and strengthening of monitoring, early warning systems and response systems for natural disasters.

MCTI oversees Brazil's National Center for Natural Disaster Monitoring and Alerts (CEMADEN). Under the agreement, CAF will assist MCTI and CEMADEN in promoting dialogue and scenario analysis between all levels of government (federal, state, local), research institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Brazil on such matters as the identification of vulnerable areas, soil use planning, optimization of resources and logistics.

At the signing of the agreement Moira Paz Estenssoro, CAF director representative in Brazil, emphasized that while initially CAF's work will focus on helping Brazil, the Bank plans to extend help to its other shareholder countries in strengthening their natural disaster monitoring, early warning and response systems. [CAF Press Release]