Busan Partnership Reviews Climate Public Expenditure in Asian and African Countries

aideffectiveness21 May 2013: The UN Development Programme (UNDP)/World Bank Climate Finance Options (CFO) Platform has reported on the release by the Busan Partnership for Climate Finance Effectiveness of reports on climate public expenditure and institutional reviews (CPEIR) carried out in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Morocco, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand and Samoa.

CFO Platform also highlights the publication by the Partnership of an assessment of the mitigation fiscal framework for Indonesia in support of the National Action Plan (NAP) to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and notes that several studies are currently in development in Africa and Latin America.

Other relevant Partnership activities include the organization of regional dialogues, as well as a workshop on CPEIR, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand, in November 2012.

The Busan Building Block (BBB) on Climate Finance and Development Effectiveness is a voluntary partnership to promote coherence and collaboration across the climate and development communities. Partner countries in the Partnership collaborate to develop in-country capacities to effectively manage climate finance. The Busan Partnership is composed by 27 countries and seeks to, inter alia: strengthen linkages between climate finance and national planning, budgeting and public financial management; and support regional platforms to promote lesson-learning on the issue of climate finance. [CFO Platform Press Release] [CPEIR Webpage] [CPEIR of Morocco] [CPEIR of Bangladesh] [CPEIR of Cambodia] [CPEIR of the Philippines] [CPEIR of Thailand] [CPEIR of Samoa] [CPEIR of Nepal] [Indonesia's First Mitigation Fiscal Framework] [CPEIR Workshop Website]