Bioversity International Explores Dry Forest Restoration in Colombia

Bioversity InternationalMarch 2014: Bioversity International released a poster report on best practices and protocols for ecosystem restoration in tropical dry forests in Colombia, where only 8% of original extent remains. The report notes the importance of selecting species and designing restoration interventions based on genetic considerations, species functional traits and the projected impacts of climate change. 

The report suggests a series of guiding questions related to the identification of suitable areas, the selection of species or groups of species, the choice of seed stock and the approach for propagation.

The development of best practices and protocols was supported by the mobilization of experts, the collection of baseline physical, biological and socioeconomic data, stocktaking of knowledge on species, and distribution modeling considering present and projected future climate conditions.

Outputs from the project highlighted in the poster include: a decision tree for the selection of seed stocks; protocols for propagation; test sites and field trials; and an interactive map to guide decision making on the restoration of dry forests in Colombia.

Bioversity International is a member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). [Publication: Tree-based Restoration of the Floristic and Genetic Diversity of Tropical Dry Forest]