BCIE Funds Clean Cook Stoves in Honduras

15 January 2012: The Central American Integration Bank (BCIE) has approved a US$1 million grant to Honduras to provide 9,575 clean cook stoves to households to improve health, reduce deforestation and mitigate climate change.

The project will focus on Honduras' most populous of its 18 departments, Francisco Morazan, principally in the Central District encompassing the capital, Tegucigalpa, and the Francisco Morazan districts of Cortés, Olancho, Lempira, Comayagua, Ocotepeque, Copán and Intibucá. The "eco cook stoves" will replace traditional stoves currently used widely in Honduras, which heavily consume firewood, produce carbon black and indoor smoke that causes respiratory diseases and contributes to climate change.

According to BCIE, through the application of energy efficient technology, the clean cook stoves will: reduce wood consumption by 70%, thereby contributing to household savings; reduce respiratory problems; and eliminate black carbon emissions. [BCIE Press Release (in Spanish)]