Associate Administrator Identifies Poverty-Energy and Climate Issues as a Defining Element for UNDP’s Profile

Ad Melkert, the UN Development Programme's Associate Administrator, identified connecting poverty-energy and climate issues as one of eight defining elements for UNDP's profile.

Melkert identified the elements during a cluster meeting of Resident Coordinators and Resident Representatives of the Regional Bureau for the Arab States region, in Amman, Jordan, where he called on staff to rethink the organization's role and future destination.

Additional elments of UNDP's profile, in conjunction with its role as UN Country Team leader, will be: advocate for democratization and participation/ stability; expert in support to public delivery systems; supporter of equality and anti-discrimination; leader in crisis-disaster surge for recovery; coordinator of the post-MDG agenda; technical manager of UN system-wide funds; and UN system leader in knowledge management.

UNDP Newsroom, 26 March 2008