Asia-Pacific Water Forum Releases Principles on Water and Climate Change Adaptation

November 2012: The Asia-Pacific Water Forum has released the “Framework Document on Water and Climate Change Adaptation” in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The Framework provides information and guidance on climate change adaptation and water resources management for policy makers and leaders in the Asia-Pacific Region.

In light of the particular vulnerability of the region to water scarcity and flood risks, especially under changing climatic conditions, the document identifies the need for coordinated actions among leaders and policy makers, water managers, local communities and civil society, and scientists.

Further, based on an analysis of scientific literature and examples from the field, the document outlines five principles to support climate change adaptation in the water sector. These include: developing and disseminating usable knowledge on climate change and the water sector; promoting ‘no regrets' investments in water security; increasing the resilience of populations in the region through improved water risk management; enhancing action on both climate change mitigation and adaptation, including through integrated water resource management (IWRM); and mobilizing sufficient financing to address adaptation needs. [Publication: Framework Document on Water and Climate Change Adaptation]