APEC to Organize Workshop on Policies to Promote Energy Efficiency in Transport

Meeting Brochure and Agenda

March 2009: The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Secretariat is organizing the APEC Workshop on Policies that Promote Energy Efficiency in Transport, scheduled to convene from 24-25 March 2009, in Singapore.

The event will bring together policy makers and experts within the transportation, environment, energy and related fields from the 21 APEC member economies. The workshop's objective is to provide a forum to discuss best practices and lessons learned in all APEC economies, with the aim of informing future policy for promoting energy-efficient and sustainable transport throughout the APEC region. The intended outcomes of the workshop include an expansion of a 2008 survey of APEC transportation policies to incorporate the best practices and case studies discussed during the workshop, and a draft action plan for APEC economies.

Key themes of the workshop include: challenges in transport and climate change; addressing climate change in the transport sector through the Avoid-Shift-Improve approach; and an Action Plan on Transport and Climate Change for the International Community. [Meeting Brochure and Agenda]