APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting Adopts Declaration Committing to Combat Climate Change

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 23 November 2008: The sixteenth Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum economic leaders' meeting was organized under the theme “A New Commitment to Asia-Pacific Development,” and convened in Lima, Peru, from 22-23 November 2008. The meeting concluded with the adoption of a declaration in which the economic leaders commit to enhance their cooperation to improve risk reduction and fight climate change.

On disaster risk reduction, preparedness and management, the leaders

agree on the need for: greater international cooperation and

coordination in this area with the private sector, international

organizations and non-governmental organizations; and greater focus on

disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness and building domestic

disaster management capabilities.

On climate change, energy security

and clean development, the leaders recognize that climate change must

be addressed in a comprehensive manner, through international

cooperation under the UNFCCC, and that poverty is linked to

climate-vulnerability. They indicate their support to long term

cooperation “now, up to and beyond 2012” to address climate change

under the UNFCCC, in accordance with the principle of common but

differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, and

welcome the decisions adopted at the Bali Climate Conference in

December 2007, as well as the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Network

for sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet).

In the

declaration, the economic leaders also express their support to, inter

alia, cooperation and capacity building for climate change mitigation

and adaptation, including actions that promote the development and

deployment of clean technologies. The leaders further commit to:

concerted action under the UN to reach “an equitable and effective

post-2012 international climate change arrangement” in Copenhagen in

December 2009; and promote open energy markets and free energy trade

and investment in order to develop renewable sources of energy and

disseminate low emission energy technologies. [The Declaration]