Andean Community Launches Programmes on Forests, Bioenergy and the Environment

7 March 2011: The Andean Community (CAN) has launched two new projects funded by Finland, namely the Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Programme in the Andean Region, and the Energy and Environment Partnership in the Andean Region.  

Both projects will be coordinated at the regional level by the Inter-American Institute for Agricultural Cooperation (IICA), a specialized affiliate of the Organization of American States (OAS) based in San José, Costa Rica.

The SFM Programme seeks to ensure that forests in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru contribute more to Andean development while being managed sustainably. It will support projects involving avoided deforestation, payment for ecosystem services, and exploring the use of forest plantations as viable systems for carbon sequestration.

The Energy and Environment Partnership will support innovative and demonstration initiatives related to renewable energy (primarily biomass and bioenergy), energy efficiency and environmental protection. [IICA Press Release]