Alpine Convention Secretariat Publishes Study on Environmental Law

April 2011: The Secretariat of the Alpine Convention has published a legal study titled “Environmental Protection and Mountains: Is environmental law adapted to the challenges faced by mountain areas? Lessons from European ranges.”

The study, edited by Patricia Quillaq and Marco Onida (Alpine Convention Secretary-General), collects contributions presented at an international conference organized by the Secretariat on 27-28 April 2010, in Innsbruck, Austria. On that occasion, academics and practitioners from all over Europe discussed various aspects of mountain law related to tourism, protected areas, water management, transport, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and climate change, sharing lessons learnt from different mountain ranges in Europe (Alps, Carpathians, Pyrenees). [Publication: Environmental Protection and Mountains: Is Environmental Law Adapted to the Challenges Faced by Mountain Areas? Lessons from European Ranges] [Conference Website, with Presentations]