African Water Facility Supports Kenyan Pastoralists’ Climate Resilience

AfDB9 August 2012: The African Water Facility (AWF), through the African Development Bank (AfDB), has awarded a €690,000 grant to support the Kenya Rainwater Association in implementing a pilot programme aimed at increasing drought resilience and climate change adaptation, using integrated rainwater harvesting management (IRHM).

Targeting three districts, Baringo, Kiambu West and Laikipia, the grant is expected to bolster IRHM infrastructure development, use complementary water harvesting technologies to improve livelihoods and generate income, encourage knowledge sharing among community members, and embark on policy advocacy based on tangible benefits and impacts. More specifically, the project will raise awareness on rainwater harvesting techniques, promote improved water management models, use watershed conservation, install water tanks and promote good hygiene practices.

The project forms one of six case studies from East Africa designed to assess the performance of rainwater harvesting systems in the region and promote best practices for improving water supply and food security.

The AWF, an initiative of the African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW), is hosted and managed by AfDB. It aims to assist African countries in mobilizing and applying resources for the water and sanitation sector to enable successful implementation of the Africa Water Vision (2025) and meet the millennium development goals (MDGs). AMCOW is the Specialised Committee for Water and Sanitation in the African Union (AU). [AfDB Press Release] [AWF Website]