African Green Revolution Conference Addresses Food Security and Increased Productivity

Third African Green Revolution Conference

September 2008: The third African Green Revolution

Conference convened from 28-29 August 2008, in Oslo, Norway, organized by Yara

International ASA, a Norwegian fertilizer company, in partnership with the

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), the African Development Bank

(ADB) Norad, Norfund and Rabobank.

The Conference gathered world leaders and

representatives from the private sector and development agencies to discuss the

challenges of transforming Africa's agricultural landscape from subsistence

farming to sustainable modern agriculture, in order to achieve food security

and wider African economic growth priorities. In his statement to the

conference, Lennart Båge, President of the UN International Fund for

Agricultural Development, underlined the crucial role played by African farmers

in producing food and combating climate change.

Noting that the African

continent “has the potential to deliver” a Green Revolution, he called for

investments into research that focuses on technologies and varieties that poor

rural farmers need to respond to challenges from pests, droughts and salinity.

Former UN Secretary General and AGRA Chairman Kofi Annan said “the

international community must work in partnership with all affected

stakeholders” to achieve sustainable agricultural development and “real

outcomes” for the people in Africa. [African Green

Revolution Conference] [UN

press release] [IFAD

press release]