Africa Commission Conference Examines African Economic Growth in the Context of Climate Change

H.E. Raila Odinga, Prime Minister, Kenya, highlighted the relevance of the meeting towards addressing climate change in the context of job creation. 19 September 2008: The Danish Government's Africa Commission

held a thematic conference on employment and economic growth in the context of

climate change in Nairobi, Kenya, on 18 September. The event was the fourth in

a series of five thematic conferences, initiated by the Africa Commission,

convened between June-October 2008, in various African cities.

The event

brought together over 100 regional participants representing universities,

research institutions, civil society, regional and international organizations,

NGOs, the private sector, governments and think tanks. Following an opening

plenary, five working groups convened in parallel sessions during the day. Each

working group considered a different theme, within the overall theme of youth

and employment in Africa.

The themes considered were: water resources; food

security and agricultural productivity; adaptation to climate change in urban

areas; economic development and clean energy and avoiding deforestation. The

groups' outputs focused on three to five main recommendations with relevance

for international development cooperation with Africa. These recommendations were

subsequently presented to plenary in the late afternoon, after which a

discussion ensued in response to the presentations. [IISD RS coverage]