AfDB Finalizes Climate Safeguard Systems Design

AfDB23 April 2012: The final design of the African Development Bank's (AfDB) Climate Safeguard Systems (CSS), comprising four modules for assessing risk and identifying adaptation measures, was announced during a two-day workshop held in March 2012.

The CSS are part of the AfDB's Climate Risk Management and Adaptation strategy to mainstream climate screening and adaptation in all AfDB projects. They comprise four modules, including screening to assess vulnerability to climate change, reviewing and evaluating procedures to identify possible adaptation measures, developing adaptation fact sheets with climate projections and indicators, and detailing an information base to provide access to data sources on adaptation.

It is expected that the CSS will provide multi-sectoral benefits, including in areas such as energy, water and agriculture. During the workshop, which has held from 28-29 March 2012, participants also discussed possible linkages with other AfDB systems and possible collaborations with other organizations to further ensure the mainstreaming of climate into development plans. [AfDB Press Release]