AfDB, CIF Launch Climate Resilience Projects in Niger and Mozambique

15 June 2012: The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) has approved two projects under its Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR) with co-financing and support by the African Development Bank (AfDB), aiming to improve climate forecasting and communication in Niger, and building resilience of agricultural production systems in Mozambique.

In Niger, project financing will be used to improve the national climate observatory and early waring systems, as well as supporting climate research and modelling, and expanding communication on climate information to end users. These measures are expected to improve forecasting of current and potential future climate, and facilitate the development of adaptation responses addressing the vulnerabilities of specific populations, particularly rural communities that rely on subsistence farming.

The project in Mozambique aims at improving resilience of agricultural communities in the flood-prone southern Gaza Province by introducing new climate-proofed seeds, improving rural roads and irrigation systems, building local processing and storage facilities, and expanding access to markets.

The PPCR is part of the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF), which is one of two funds under the CIF. AfDB will administer the project funds and provide technical support during the implementation phase. The World Bank is the overall coordinator of the CIF partnership. [AfDB Press Release] [CIF PPCR Webpage]