ADB Urban Day 2008 to Tackle Climate Change and Cities Issues

ADB Urban Day 2008

August 2008: The Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Urban

Community of Practice is organizing the ADB Urban Day 2008, which will take

place in Manila, Philippines, on 8 September 2008. Urban Day 2008 will bring

together representatives from national and local governments, international

communities of practice, the private sector, civil society and academia to

discuss urban environment, sanitation and transport, as well as city region

development, and municipal finance and governance.

The event will be organized

around the theme ‘Environment and Livable Cities' and will tackle issues of

solid waste management, climate change and city cluster development, and their

impacts on promoting livable cities. One of the objectives of the Day is to

explore the implications of mitigation and adaptation of climate change for

urban projects, focusing on systems for financing climate-responsive projects

in developing countries. Keynote speakers on the theme of climate change and

cities will include Elisea Gillera-Gozun, Philippine former Department of

Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Chairman, Partnership for Clean

Air, and Michael Lindfield, Principal Urban Specialist Regional and Sustainable

Development Department, ADB. [ADB

Urban Day 2008 website]