ADB Showcases Water Security Achievements in Shanxi Province, China

ADBMarch 2013: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has showcased the achievements of an ADB-funded intervention in Shanxi Province, China, to strengthen agricultural production and conserve water. The ADB has provided an overview of ADB's agricultural development support to communities in Shanxi in addressing challenges related to water security, food production, and climate change challenges.

According to ADB, groundwater has been declining in Shanxi Province since 1956, with unsustainable groundwater use and outdated agricultural practices threatening food production in the province. In 2009, an ADB-financed project was launched focusing on agricultural production. This was complemented by an ADB grant supporting the introduction by farmers of water conservation and energy-efficient water use practices, to increase climate change resilience and halt declining groundwater levels.

ADB reports that the project has resulted in savings of water, energy, fertilizers, pesticides, and labor. It notes that the project is now being replicated from its four initial pilot areas, across the province, with funding from the Shanxi government. [ADB Press Release] [Project Flyer] [Shanxi Integrated Agricultural Development Project]