ADB Highlights Flood Control in Transboundary Pyanj River

ADBJuly 2014: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) published a report, titled ‘Pyanj River Morphology and Flood Protection,' which examines the character of the river channel, traditional flood control approaches in the basin and means of corridor protection. The report aims to support flood control planning and management in the basin and build climate resilience.

The report includes sections on: Pyanj River basin setting; characterization of channel types; traditional flood control approaches; corridor protection; and conclusions. The report highlights that traditional flood control approaches constrain natural river channel movement and encourage solutions that allow natural processes to continue and provide land as a buffer to flood flows.

The report emphasizes the importance of public education to encourage such practices due to pressure to use flood plains as agriculture land. It further calls for examining the potential benefits of alternative flood control measures throughout Asia in rivers with meander corridors, braid plains and active alluvial fans. The Pyanj River is a tributary of the Amu Darya, part of the Aral Sea Basin, shared by Afghanistan and Tajikistan. [Publication: Pyanj River Morphology and Flood Protection]