ADB Funds Adaptation in Viet Nam

13 January 2010: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Australia will provide funding for a project to support adaptation in Viet Nam's low-lying Mekong Delta region.

Technical assistance grants totaling US$1.3 million (US$0.8 million provided by the Government of Australia and US$0.3 million by ADB's Climate Change Fund) will finance an assessment of climate change threats and adaptation needs in the Mekong Delta. Preliminary studies show that up to 31% of the total land used for agriculture and aquaculture in the delta is at risk from a potential one meter rise in sea level by 2100. The technical assistance will be composed of two parts: part A will involve modeling and assessment work to determine the likely future climate conditions in the region and their impact; and part B will identify appropriate climate change adaptation measures for targeted areas and sectors, including pilot projects for adaptation actions that could be scaled up and replicated in other provinces or sectors in the region. [ADB Press Release]