ADB Discusses Inclusive Growth

ADB5 May 2012: The 45th meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) was organized around the theme “Inclusive Growth through Better Governance and Partnerships” and addressed how to bring the benefits of Asia's growth to all, especially the poor.

The meeting, held in Manila, the Philippines, from 2-5 May 2012, took place in the context of growing inflation, spikes in fuel prices and worsening impacts of climate change in the Asia Pacific region. Participants discussed the need to promote green growth and food security, build resilience in urban centers, and promote trade between Asia and Latin America.

At the meeting, ADB announced that it secured $12.4 billion for its concessional Asian Development Fund, to promote gender mainstreaming, good governance, food security, private sector development and the formation of a Disaster Response Facility. The next meeting of the ADB will take place in Delhi, India, from 2-5 May 2013. [ADB Press Release] [Meeting Website]