Adaptation Fund Partners with UN Foundation to Accept Private Donations

Adaptation Fund30 November 2012: The Adaptation Fund and the UN Foundation have announced a partnership to allow donations from the private sector and individuals for the Adaptation Fund. The partnership was announced at a side event held on the margins of the Doha Climate Change Conference.

Previously, the Adaptation Fund was funded solely through the sale of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) certified emission reductions (CERs), and through government donations. The Adaptation Fund's continued work has been limited due to the declining prices of CERs, and this collaboration is part of a strategy to ensure continued financing of the Fund.

The Adaptation Fund has committed $165 million to projects in 25 developing countries, but only has resources for $120 million in additional process. Donations can be made through the Adaptation Fund website. [Adaptation Fund Press Release] [Adaptation Fund Website]