Adaptation Fund Finances Adaptation and Resilience Project in Myanmar

Adaptation Fund10 March 2014: The Adaptation Fund has financed a four-year project that will support climate change adaptation and resilience for farmers and livestock producers in Myanmar's dry zone.

The project will help over 50,000 vulnerable households adapt to climate change impacts. Its activities include: developing climate hazard maps to facilitate community preparedness planning and risk management; diversifying livestock production systems; establishing village freshwater capture and storage facilities; and rehabilitating and protecting micro-watersheds to reduce soil erosion and increase water retention.

Projected climate change effects in Myanmar's dry zone, one of the country's most climate sensitive and natural resource poor regions, include decreasing capacity of soil to retain moisture, declining water availability, increasing temperatures and intensifying weather events.

The Adaptation Fund has provided US$7.9 million for the project, with co-financing from the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Myanmar. Germany, Norway, Switzerland and the Brussels Capital Region have also contributed financial support. [Adaptation Fund Press Release]