Adaptation Fund Calls for Public Comments on Project Proposals

Adaptation Fund11 February 2013: The Adaptation Fund has released a call for public comments as seven projects and concept proposals are presently under review. The Adaptation Fund Board secretariat welcomes comments while the proposals are under technical review and screening by the Adaptation Fund. 

The projects and concept proposals under review focus on: increased resilience to climate change in Northern Ghana through the management of water resources and diversification of livelihoods; adaptation to climate change and strengthening of community resilience in Quiche, Guatemala; enhancing the adaptive capacity and increasing resilience of small-scale agriculture producers of the Northeast of Argentina; Belize marine conservation and climate adaptation project; adapting to climate-induced threats to food production and food security in the Karnali region in Nepal; developing climate resilience of farming communities in the drought-prone parts of Uzbekistan; and reducing vulnerability to climate change in Northwest Rwanda through community-based adaptation. 

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) provides interim secretariat services to the Adaptation Fund, and the World Bank serves as its interim trustee. [Adaptation Fund Proposals]