Adaptation Fund Board Takes Decisions on Operationalization

© Adaptation Fund Board 16 September 2009: At its seventh meeting, held from 14-16 September 2009 in Bonn, Germany, the Adaptation Fund (AF) Board took several landmark decisions concerning the operationalization of, and direct access to, the Fund by eligible parties.

In particular, the Board adopted the innovative operational policy guidelines, and approved creating a standing Accreditation Panel for accrediting the proposed National Implementing Entities and Multilateral Implementing Entities. The Board also decided to issue a call for experts to serve on the Panel and invited the Kyoto Protocol parties to submit nominations for National Implementing Entities for accreditation and to access AF resources directly. In the view that certain countries might need to enhance their institutional capacity to meet the requirements for accessing resources through National Implementing Entities, the Board also agreed to include an option for those countries to access the AF resources through existing international development agencies.

The Board invited Andrew M. Wee from the Philippines, winner of the logo competition, and the Marienschule students, who made the first voluntary contribution to the Fund, to participate in the meeting. [Press Release]