Adaptation Fund Board Supports Project Design, Accredits Implementing Entities

Adaptationfund28 March 2014: At its 23rd meeting, the Adaptation Fund Board approved financing for project design in India and Morocco, and accredited three Implementing Entities, including for Peru and the Andes. In Peru, the Peruvian Trust Fund for National Parks and Protected Areas (PROFONANPE) was accredited as a National Implementing Agency. The Andean Corporacio Andina de Fomento was accredited as a Regional Implementing Agency. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) was accredited as a Multilateral Implementing Entity.

In India, the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development was approved for funding to design programs for agriculture and water management resilience in Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan, for sustainable fishing in Madhya Pradesh, and for rural farming resilience in West Bengal. Morocco's Agence pour le Développement Agricole will receive funding to develop a project for climate resilience in oasis zones.

The Board met in Bonn, Germany, from 20-21 March 2014. This meeting was preceded by the 14th Meetings of the Ethics and Finance Committee and the Project and Program Review Committee. [Adaptation Fund Press Release]