Adaptation Fund Board Releases Report from 18th Meeting

Adaptation Fund16 August 2012: At its 18th Meeting, the Adaptation Fund Board (AFB) accredited the National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development of India as the National Implementing Entity (NIE) for India, and as its 12th NIE. The Board also approved grants for $50.7 million in seven countries, including one direct access project in Jamaica. 

Additional projects were approved in Colombia, Djibouti, Cambodia, Egypt, Lebanon and Mauritania. The Board continued discussions on how to increase adaptation funding for developing countries, as well as the elements of the new fund-raising strategy. The Board noted that the launching of the partnership with the UN Foundation to collect private donations for the Fund was not completed at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, Rio+20).

The 18th Meeting was held in Bonn, Germany, from 26-29 June 2012. The next AFB meeting will take place from 11-14 December 2012, at a venue to be decided, with a deadline for submission of project/programme proposals on 8 October 2012. [Publication: Report of the 18th Meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board] [IISD RS Story on the 18th Meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board]