Adaptation Fund Board Approves Direct Access Project in Argentina

Adaptation Fund12 April 2013: At its 20th meeting, the Adaptation Fund Board approved a new project in Argentina to be implemented through the Fund's direct access mechanism, but was unable to make progress on three projects submitted by multilateral implementing entities (MIE) due to the Fund's limited resources.

The $5.64 million Argentinan project will work to increase adaptive capacity of small-scale famers and will be implemented by the Unit for Rural Change, a National Implementing Entity (NIE). The projects that were placed in the pipeline due to limited funds were from Uzbekistan, Belize and Ghana.

At the meeting, the Board endorsed a concept submitted by an NIE, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Rwanda, and provided a grant for the Ministry to develop a full project proposal. The Board continued to discuss the challenges of raising revenues and progress on raising $100 million by the end of 2013. The meeting also included a dialogue with civil society organizations, which offered to participate in efforts to raise awareness for the Fund. The meeting took place from 4-5 April 2013, in Bonn, Germany. [Adaptation Fund Press Release] [IISD RS Sources]