Adaptation Fund Board Adopts Decisions on Private Donations and Operational Policies Templates

Adaptation Fund21 July 2011: The Adaptation Fund Board has adopted two intersessional decisions, on facilitating private donations and on templates for operational policies and guidelines.

On facilitating donations, the Adaptation Fund Board has decided to enter into a partnership with a third party to raise funds through on-line donations on behalf of the Adaptation Fund and requests the Board to invite the UN Foundation to enter into this partnership.

On Operational Policies and Guidelines, the Adaptation Fund Board approved the templates annexed to the Operational Policies and Guidelines, as attached to the decision. Templates include those for: approval and operations procedures; project/programme review criteria; request for project/programme funding from the Adaptation Fund; instructions for preparing a request for project or programme funding from the Adaptation Fund; letter of endorsement by government; and the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat technical review of project/programme proposal. [Decision B.14-15/2 on Facilitating Private Donations] [Decision B.14-15/1 on Approval of Templates of the Operational Policies and Guidelines]