Global South-South Development Expo Highlights Innovative Climate Change Solutions

22dic_09_0318 December 2009: The 2009 Global South-South Development Expo took place from 14-17 December 2009, at the World Bank facilities in Washington DC, US. The event aimed to enable developing countries and their development partners, including donor agencies, organizations of the UN system, and private-sector and civil society organizations, to systematically and regularly showcase their evidence-based South-South development solutions.

During the expo, three Solution Exchange Forums were held, including on "Climate change challenges and South-South and triangular responses and solution." The Forum aimed to present, inter alia, innovative solutions and mechanisms for climate change, new and renewable energies, clean technologies, renewable energy, and effective hydrocarbon management. The Forum was co-organized by the World Bank and the UN Development Programme (UNDP), among others.[Expo Website]