UNEP Launches Climate Pledge Tracker

Unep11 December 2009: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has launched an online "climate pledge tracker," which presents the current country pledges and the remaining gap for reaching the goal of maintaining global warming at or under 2ºC compared to pre-industrial levels. The Climate Pledges website is updated as new proposals are made during the UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

The tracker currently includes pledges and proposals from 25 countries plus the EU. Eleven of the 25 countries are from developing economies, and the tracker also includes recent proposals from South Africa, India and Kazakhstan. According to the tracker, if the most ambitious existing pledges were fully implemented, including with financial support for developing economies, the world may achieve emissions reductions of 47.5 billion tons by 2020. The tracker will be maintained after the UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference concludes.[UNEP Climate Pledges Website][UNEP Press Release]