2010 Economic Report on Africa Released

30 March 2010: The UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the African Union Commission have published the 2010 Economic Report on Africa, which is titled “Promoting High-level Sustainable Growth to Reduce Unemployment in Africa.” The Report, which is published annually, highlights the economic impacts of climate change in the African region, among other topics.

The Report states that, due to the effects of climate change in the region, agricultural output is expected to decrease by 50% , which will result in severe undernourishment. It also highlights that the health burden and conflicts in the region will increase as a result of populations fighting over dwindling resources, and emphasizes the need for Africa to develop adaptation and mitigation strategies. Underlining that the costs of adaptation and mitigation are high and beyond the means of African countries, the Report calls on the international community to help in financing these strategies. [UNECA Press Release] [The Report]