Help & FAQ

  • All news articles on Climate Change Policy & Practice are researched and produced by our Team of thematic experts, this site is not an aggregator of news from other sources. We research by being at the meetings, talking to those involved, and from official sources, not just by reading second-hand sources.

  • The content highlights the actions being taken to address climate change and is organized using four main categories:

    • We present an integrated view of climate change issues by covering and highlighting the interdependence of environmental topics like freshwater and ozone, social topics like human rights and health, and economic topics like trade and transport.
    • We concentrate on the major international inter-governmental, and multilateral actors - the organizations involved in climate change - with special focus on bodies, agencies and funds within the UN System.
    • We cover a variety of actions related to climate change - announcements, statements, and press conferences given by key actors; meetings held to discuss scientific findings or policy, negotiate agreements, or provide training build capacity; publications both scientific and general; project announcements and their implementation; and key binding international decisions.
    • We present an integrated view of climate change goals by covering news related to each of the four building blocks of the Bali Action Plan:
      • mitigation (reducing greenhouse gas emissions);
      • adaptation (dealing with the risks and impacts of climate change);
      • technology (promoting climate-friendly technologies);
      • finance (aiming to respond to the climate change challenge).
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