Workshop on Mexico's Experience in Strengthening Energy Efficiency

Mexico's Energy Secretariat (SENER) and National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy (CONUEE), with support from the US State Department and the Organization of American States (OAS), are hosting a workshop geared toward promoting energy efficiency cooperation under the auspices of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA), by sharing its own experiences in this field with other governments of the Americas. On the first day of the workshop, participants will be presented with best practices in energy efficiency policymaking and implementation. On the second day, participants will make technical visits to laboratories and institutions responsible for implementing some of Mexico's energy efficiency policies.  

dates: 21-22 March 2012   venue: Presidente Intercontinental Hotel, Campos Eliseos 218, Polanco   location: Mexico, Mexico   contact: Juan Cruz Monticelli   phone: +202-458-3745   fax: +202-458-3560   e-mail: jmonticelli@oas.org   www: http://www.ecpamericas.org/events/default.aspx?id=114