Special Forum at the General Assembly of the World Mayors Council on Climate Change

The Global Environment Facility (GEF), in cooperation with ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, is organizing this Special Forum on the theme “New Directions for Financing Sustainable Cities”. It aims to provide a platform for interaction between the GEF and mayors and local leaders, to discuss, inter alia, GEF's support for cities and how cities can be used to achieve a more integrated approach to addressing climate change, biodiversity and chemicals. The Forum will be held during the 2013 Nantes World Mayors Summit on Climate Change, taking place from 27-28 September.  

date: 28 September 2013   location: Nantes, Pays De La Loire, France   contact: GEF Secretariat   e-mail: sdobardzic@thegef.org   www: http://www.thegef.org/gef/sites/thegef.org/files/documents/Mayors-forum.pdf