Sustainable Development

UNIDO: Economic Growth and Climate Change Mitigation Two Parts of the Same Whole [viewed]


5 June 2008: Kandeh Yumkella, Director-General of the UN

Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), emphasized low-emissions economic

development as an element of the solution to climate change in his statement to

commemorate World Environment Day on 5 June.

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ILO Initiative to Aid Transition to Green Business [viewed]

5 June

2008: The International Labour Organization (ILO) rolled out its Green Jobs

Initiative, aimed at easing the transition to green business and jobs, on World

Environment Day. Speaking about the Initiative, Juan Somavia, ILO

Director-General, said “green

growth and avoiding dangerous climate change depend on greener enterprises and

green jobs.”

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UNFCCC Secretariat Signs MOUs on Exchange of CDM Data [viewed]

Memorandum_of_understanding22 May 2008: The UNFCCC Secretariat has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with the Institute for Global Environment Strategies (IGES), based in Japan, and UNEP Risoe, in Denmark, to ensure that the organizations receive a faster, smoother flow of information related to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

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India–UNIDO Programme of Cooperation to Boost Competitiveness of Indian Industries [viewed]

The UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the government of India recently signed a US$42 million agreement under the UNIDO Country Programme of Technical Cooperation in India 2008-2012.

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UNIDO: Director-General Outlines Climate Change Challenge to Industrial Development Board [viewed]

Kandeh_yumkella14 May 2008: In his opening statement to the thirty-fourth session of UNIDO's Industrial Development Board, UNIDO Director-General Kandeh K. Yumkella said the accelerating process of global climate change is “ possibly the most pervasive and irreversible global crisis.” He said the global energy crisis was also significant because of its widespread implications, especially on industry, and pointed out other global challenges, including food and global instability, as the major challenges that UNIDO has been asked to assist the international community to resolve.

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Fifth European Union (EU) / Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Summit Addresses Climate Change [viewed]

Logo_cumbre18 May 2008: The Fifth European Union (EU) / Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Summit took place in Lima, Peru, from 16-17 May 2008. The Summit developed the “Lima Declaration on Addressing our Peoples' Priorities Together,” which addresses, among others, poverty, inequality, inclusion, climate change, environment and energy.

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UN: World Environment Day to be observed with Theme of “Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy” [viewed]

World_environment_day_2008_logoMay 2008: In the lead up to World Environment Day, which will be observed on 5 June 2008, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon likened fossil fuel dependence to a dangerous addiction, saying “addiction is a terrible thing. It consumes and controls us, makes us deny important truths and blinds us to the consequences of our actions. Our world is in the grip of a dangerous carbon habit.” This year, World Environment Day will be hosted in Wellington, New Zealand, under the theme “Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy.”

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UNESCO'S Cultural Ambassadors Address the Threat of Climate Change; Director-General Calls for an Integrated Approach [viewed]

Directorgeneral_unesco_convenes_goo21 May 2008: During their eighth annual gathering at UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) headquarters in Paris, France, UNESCO's 19 Goodwill Ambassadors acknowledged that the Planet has never been subjected to such rapid and profound changes in the environment, and committed themselves to work to raise awareness about global warming and the need to modify human behavior towards greater caution and solidarity.

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CSD16: Delegates Review Agriculture, Rural Development, Drought, Desertification, Land and Africa [viewed]

Agriculture_and_rural_development_s16 May 2008: The sixteenth session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), which met from 5-16 May 2008, in New York, US, has reviewed the thematic cluster of agriculture, rural development, drought, desertification, land and Africa. Many delegations and speakers tied these agenda items to the current global food crisis and climate change, and highlighted in particular land degradation, high energy costs, climate change, poor harvests, speculation in agricultural commodities, inequitable terms of trade, decline of investments in rural and agricultural development, and increased production of biofuels from food crops as drivers of high food prices.

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UN-HABITAT: Prevention Approaches Stressed in Face of Climate Change Refugees [viewed]

7 May 2008: UN-HABITAT intervened in the discussions on “land” during the sixteenth session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, which met in New York, US, from 5-16 May 2008. Clarissa Augustinus, Chief, Land, Tenure and Property Administration Section, of the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), noted that “climate change refugees will flood into the cities and as the cities grow to accommodate these refugees they will further impact their rural environs.”

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